Self Drive from CNK
Individual Tour
Self Drive from CNK

Great Southern Touring Route

  • 5 Days
  • 4 Nights
  • Apollo Bay, Port Fairy, Halls Gap, Ballarat
  • Photography
  • Self Drive
  • Handcrafted Curated

The Great Southern Touring Route has a diverse mix of natural attractions within a compact region close to Melbourne. Witness wild seascapes, mountain vistas and Victoria's best waterfalls. Nature in this part of Australia provides any visitor the opportunity to immerse them or to simply observe and be in the moment. A natural world of drama and adventure, where untamed spirits thrive. The road trip of a lifetime is just the beginning. Nature unfolds as you journey rugged coasts, iconic surf breaks, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and tracks that twist into the forest.

Trip Type
Forget early wake-up calls, scheduled departures and the regular battery of sight-seeing destinations. That's because when you're out on a self-drive holiday, you decide where to go, what to see, and what to drive. And with Self-Drive 365, the road, the destination and that palpable connect between man and machine is all yours to explore!
Skill Level
Although not out and out challenging, this road trip requires experienced hands on the wheel or the handlebar
There's an element of challenge in going up a steep road snaking its way up a mountain; the excitement of tackling relentless switchbacks and blind hairpins makes for a most satisfying road-trip experience. As thrilling as it sounds, driving such routes isn't everybody's cup of tea and requires one to have a certain level of skill behind the wheel. If a driving winding roads overlooking steep valleys and gorges is your idea of a road-trip, then the hills are your calling.
Road trips are oftentimes an exercise in escaping the daily grind of the urban jungle. But chances are that you will start your journey from a metropolis. Few cities will offer you a good driving environment, which is why we recommend parking your car, calling the cabbie, or like the better citizens of the world, using public transport. Even better, how about hiring a bicycle and pottering around early in the morning? It's good for the heart too.
Barrelling down a beach-road in an open-top convertible, wind in your hair and all, is perhaps the first image that the word "road-trip" conjures in your mind. And understandably so, because picture this: you drive into a shack to gorge on the freshest catch from the sea, watching wave after wave crash and foam at the shore, lazily passing the minutes, perhaps even hours, till the sun sets, painting the sky every possible shade of crimson at the same time. There is a romanticism to a coastal road-trip that is hard to do justice to in words.
Look up and watch the rays of the sun pierce through a thick cover of green, as you drive through an endless tunnel of trees. Few routes are as pleasurable to drive on as those that weave and wind through forests, with air that cleanses your lungs with every breath. All you need to do is keep an eye out for animals that suddenly hop into your path.


  • Explore one of the world's iconic coastal drives, the Great Ocean Road
  • Visit the Sovereign Hill with Gold Museum
Start of Tour Apollo Bay Day 1
Total Riding 691 KM
End of Tour BallaratDay 5
  • Driving Days
    Total Days
  • Rest Days
    Total 0 Days
    • Full Size Sedan (Standard)
    Toyota Camry or Similar.
    5 Seats including driver
    • 4 Doors
    • With Ac
    • Automatic Tansmision
    • Intermediate Sedan (Standard)
    Toyota Corolla or Similar.
    5 Seats including driver
    • 4 Doors
    • With Ac
    • Automatic Tansmision
    • Standard (Standard)
    Toyota Corolla Sedan or Similar.